The Post-Halloween Post

This is it. The obligatory post-Halloween post.

I’m rather fond of my Little Red Riding Hood and handsome clown. While Danger’s Red costume illustrates her desire to be brave and independent, Dre’s clown nose shows that he has a desire to be a little less serious.

Because we all know that a person’s costume choice reflects back on some deeper meaning, right?

We went for a little bit of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I must say, we have some pretty generous neighbors! I think we only visited about 10 houses, but Danger’s basket was FULL at the end of the night!

Of course, that’s not to say that our night was without challenges. Sometimes you encounter scary people while trick-or-treating. Sometimes you encounter people that mean well, but put our children in tricky situations. And yes, sometimes it is our fault that our children are in those tricky situations.

We were walking down the street, and heard someone holler out:
“Hey, little girl! You want some candy?”

Of course, she wanted candy.

The guy was in his car, sitting out in front of his house. He had just gotten back from the grocery store with a few big bags of candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters, and didn’t want for Little Red Riding Hood to miss out on a handful of candy from his house.

We weren’t really thinking at the time, but we walked on over so that Danger could fill her basket. This is where things get kind of tricky.

Yes, he is our neighbor. Yes, we knew he meant well. Yes, he lives right behind us.

At the same time, do we really want to teach our child that it’s ok to approach people handing out candy from their cars to little children? That’s something we need to consider in the future as we try to model appropriate behavior for Danger.

Also – thanks to our parents for teaching us that we aren’t supposed to approach people with the promise of candy. Oh, wait. I suppose we didn’t get that lesson. 😉 It must be all their fault, then.


I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and a candy-filled breakfast!

What did your crew dress up as for Halloween? 


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7 Responses to The Post-Halloween Post

  1. Awww too cute now that is one costume I have not seen. My son was thor and my daughter was a part of the winx clubs I had no idea who they were but she made sure she let me know.

  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    What an adorable Little Red Riding Hood! And, ack, that would definitely be a good time to teach about lessons like that. Maybe just remind her that you guys must always be there?

    • That’s what we told her, but I’m prone to worry about things like that 😉 Perhaps I need to find some good books about “stranger danger” and read them – to myself and to my daughter.

  3. zeemaid says:

    What an adorable little red riding Hood. Good point about the candy and car though. My three were a musketeer, Knight and princess. Saw your tweet and stopped by. 🙂

    • A musketeer, knight, and a princess? Great choices! Those costumes went together perfectly! I hope your family had a wonderful time on Halloween 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Lindsay says:

    What a cute costume! She looked beautiful! And I don’t think you’ve ruined everything you taught her becuase you were right there with her. The lesson is that she can’t approach strange cars WITHOUT MOM OR DAD, right? It sounds like you all had a great Halloween.

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