Pinypon Dolls: A Great Holiday Gift Idea For Girls!

My daughter introduced me to the Pinypon dolls several months back at a local toy store. She oooh’ed and ahhh’ed over the colorful hairstyles, animated expressions, and stylish clothes. When the opportunity to try out and share products from the Pinypon line came my way, I seized it. These little toys have made my daughter so happy, so I am excited to share a little bit about Pinypon with you as part of my annual gift guide.

While very inexpensive, the Pinypon figures offer up countless hours of fun and creative play. The hair, faces, hair bows, and bodies are all interchangeable with other dolls in the line, making them a wonderful outlet for girls to exercise their creativity.

I was recently provided the opportunity to share these adorable dolls with some of Danger’s friends. As a part of #PinyponParty, Danger was able to mix and match the doll components with her friends, and all the girls were able to take home their very own custom Pinypon doll!

The Pinypon figures were a hit with the girls! These adorable dolls would even make excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas. (Hint, hint, Mom!)

We also were able to try out the Pinypon Caravan. The Pinypon dolls and Caravan are remind me of some of the toys that I played with as a child of the 80s. I still have my Barbie Camper from the early 90s, and I am a complete sucker for fold-out, multi-purpose toys.

The Caravan is cute and colorful, and has a lot of details that make it very fun. It includes two surfboards, a picnic table and chair, a boat, swimming pool, shower, and even a window for selling yummy treats. Danger and her friends were very excited to try out all of the different options and to decorate the Caravan with the many included studded bows and decorations.

My only hesitation with recommending the Caravan is that the stickers just do not stay put. I had to apply every single sticker to the toy, and they were peeling off in just over an hour’s time. If your daughter gets upset about the aesthetic of peeled stickers, my advice would be to just not apply the stickers at all. Stash them away before your daughter sees them.

The Caravan is really cute, even without the stickers. Girls can decorate the exterior with little butterflies, heart, and flower shaped bows, and can even organize the shelves with the included cups and utensils.

Danger especially enjoys placing the figures on the boat portion of the caravan, and then makes sure the figures take a bath after. (That’s my little germophobe. HA!) 

All in all, the Pinypon figures are an excellent Christmas gift idea for little girls. Danger loves them, and that’s proof enough for me 😉 Happy Holidays!

I was provided with Pinypon figures and the Pinypon Caravan to try out and give away to my daughter’s little girlfriends as part of a promotional campaign with Famosa. All opinions shared come from my personal experiences with the toys, and have only been influenced by my daughter’s reactions and interest. Post will be updated with personal pictures of the girls playing with Pinypon dolls very soon. 


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