Rock Out With Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Music Festival

 The stage was set. The curtains were lit. The audience waited in anxious anticipation. The show did not disappoint.


Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Musical Festival was in Atlanta for one day only, and we could not miss it!

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy were the hosts of this musical celebration. Their onstage antics were fun to watch, and they even encouraged the audience to get up off the seat and join in the action!

disney-live-mickey-aladdinAfter an accidental rub of the genie’s lamp, audience members were delighted to watch Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fall in love on stage during the presentation of the beloved Disney movie, Aladdin. Acrobatics, costume changes, and an energetic carpet were just a few of the highlights of this particular segment of the show.

Next up was Sebastian and the sisters of everyone’s favorite little mermaid: Princess Ariel! Using black light effects, the setting was absolutely extraordinary. We watched the story of Disney’s The Little Mermaid in both amazement and, honestly, a little bit of fear. Danger was just a bit concerned about the mean sea witch, Ursula, as she maneuvered around the stage in her thickly-tentacled costume and taunted Ariel to give up her voice in exchange for legs.

ariel-little-mermaid-ursulaSpooky, isn’t it?! But you know how those Disney stories end: They lived happily ever after.

The final segment we were treated to was Disney’s Toy Story. Green Army men took over the stage, marching and moving in perfectly-choreographed form.


Our favorite characters (Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Buzz Lightyear) joined the Army men on stage and started dancing. The characters even dedicated a portion of their segment to teaching the audience a fun dance, which Danger dashed out into the aisle to perform:

dancing-disneyShe had so much fun!

And now… Evidence of a horse jumping rope:


You’re welcome. Bullseye from the Toy Story movies skipped rope alongside Jessie, Woody, and the green army men. Neat-oh!

Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Music Festival was a blast. While it was performed in Atlanta for one day only, there will be plenty of other stops across the country. The Disney Live! shows are always so much fun.

Which Disney character would you most like to see in an upcoming performance? 

I was provided with media passes to the event so that I could provide a review of the performance for the readers of my Classic Mommy blog. All opinions expressed in this review come from my own personal experiences at the event. 


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