Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts Presents: The Adventures of Mighty Bug!

The Adventures of Mighty Bug is currently showing at Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts, and I recently had the opportunity to visit with my daughter, Danger. The performance both surprised and delighted me. It surprised me because I was immediately transported into the pages of a comic book during this performance. It delighted me because I grew up in a comic book store – my dad’s store – and have a great appreciation for the graphic elements that interplay in each story.


Mighty Bug is a very appealing character. We see him groom and exercise in the opening, and then he wanders around helping others that are in need. He’s a real superhero and a good role model for the children in the audience. His love interest, Morpha the Butterfly, was very charming, and their story of the love that almost wasn’t is very characteristic of the comic book genre. Scorpiana, the evil Scorpion that wants to ruin Mighty Bug and take over Bugville, was a believable foe. I always get such a kick out of watching Amy Sweeney (Scorpiana) perform, and she did not disappoint!


The show is very educational. Throughout the performance, actual pictures of the bugs being discussed are shown on the screen, along with spoken information about each bug. The educational value of the show alone makes it a great choice for homeschool families, school groups, and children of all ages – but what makes Mighty Bug so wonderful is the fine performing skills of the puppeteers.

I’ve attended several shows at the Center For Puppetry Arts, and am always so amazed at the quality of the performances. The voices, costumes, and shadow puppets blend so perfectly that I almost forgot that I was watching a puppet show instead of a movie in a theater. Everything flowed together very well, and Danger was giggling, wiggling, and gasping in amazement at all of the action on stage.

No trip to Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts would be complete without making a puppet in the upstairs workshop. For The Adventures of Mighty Bug performance, we were able to construct a black-light responsive lightning bug rod and string puppet. It turned out very well, and Danger had such a great time making it (and putting on her own puppet show back at home!)

The Adventures of Mighty Bug is open to audiences from now until March 17, 2013 in the Mainstage Theater at Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts. It is appropriate for children ages 4+. 

Tips For Planning Your Visit To The Center For Puppetry Arts

  • Arrive early so that you can explore the museum exhibits. You can check them out after the show, but little children will want to rush upstairs first – and probably won’t be as excited about checking out the exhibits while playing with their own puppet creation.
  • Leave the camera at home. Photography is not allowed during the performances or in the museum exhibitions, so there is no need to carry around a large, bulky camera.
  • If you are unable to hang around after the performance to make a puppet, you can grab a To-Go Kit at the Ticket Sales Office. This comes with instructions and the pieces necessary to construct your very own puppet.
  • Make sure to follow Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts on their social media channels so that you stay up to date on all specials and performances! Find them on twitter, facebook, and youtube!
  • The Center For Puppetry Arts has added a GA Public Library Passport to Puppetry, which entitles the passholder to 4 FREE admissions to the Center’s Museum and 25% off Family Series performances (excludes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). Passport must be checked out at your local library and presented to the Ticket Sales Window to receive discounts.
  • Last – but certainly not least – have FUN! That’s what the center is all about. Don’t worry about getting the best seat or rushing after the show to make a puppet in the workshop – all the seats are excellent, and the workshop is a very relaxed environment.

The Center For Puppetry Arts is a fun and lively place filled with people that absolutely love what they do for a living. You will enjoy your visit there! 

I was provided with media passes to share my thoughts about The Adventures of Mighty Bug. As always, all opinions come from my own personal experiences. Special thanks to Madalina Anton for the images above! 


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3 Responses to Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts Presents: The Adventures of Mighty Bug!

  1. Now that looks like fun I have been looking for places to take my son next week while he is out of school.

  2. Petula says:

    That sounds like fab fun! It’s one of the local places that I definitely need to take the kids. Now that the younger ones are old enough to enjoy it without getting on my nerves … Ahem, I mean without getting distracted… LOL… it’ll be fun for all. Great review and tips.

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