Explore The Human Body At #BodyCarnival

Last week, Danger and I visited Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta’s newest exhibit – the very aptly titled “Body Carnival.” Decorated with images you would expect to see at an actual carnival (clowns, funhouse mirrors, “big top” styled tents) the Body Carnival is a fun and educational attraction for children and parents alike.

Just a few of the things that we explored:


… Balance as it pertains to center of gravity …


… Advancements in medical technology with the Techno Man …

… How our eyes and brain work together to see colors …


… How many glasses of water we need each day based on our size …

… Our ideal heart rate …


… How to find the perfect balance …

… The differences between healthy and unhealthy arteries in the Tunnel of Blood …

and many other interesting body science facts! I’m not posting pictures of everything there, because I want for you to experience this entertaining exhibit for yourself.

The Body Carnival will be on display at Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta until May 27, 2013. It’s an incredible learning experience for children and parents, and the Museum is a great place to spend the day together! I always leave there feeling like I’ve just spent the day inside a Magic Schoolbus book.

What is your favorite permanent exhibit at the Imagine It! Children’s Museum? 

I was provided with media passes to experience the Body Carnival firsthand. All opinions come from my own personal experiences at the Museum. 


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14 Responses to Explore The Human Body At #BodyCarnival

  1. Karon says:

    Can’t wait to take the kids to see this! Of course, I’ll have to drag my son away from the trains and my daughter from the painting.

  2. My boys love the kitchen & the store area!!!

  3. I may have to check this out this week since the kids are out of school.

  4. My son loves to go into the grocery area and also loves to paint

  5. mushymamma says:

    my son loves going to Imagine It! Children’s museum, he loves to go over to farm area and milk the cow, as well as the grocery store and kitchen.

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  7. kattylady says:

    Looks like so much fun!!

    • Oh, it is a LOT of fun! We had a great time, especially at the new Body Carnival exhibit. There are so many opportunities to play and learn alongside your children at the Museum!

  8. We’ve got to go back. We’ve only been there once for a birthday party, but this exhibit looks amazing. I’d love to show my son how our brain and eyes work together – especially since he wears glasses.

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