Sesame Street, Anyone? Insta-Palette Week 2 #ww

instapalette-sesame-streetI’m starting a new #ww series where I choose my favorite Instagram-worthy pic and create a color palette inspired by the image: Insta-palette. This is week #2. 

My birthday was last weekend. Pretty much everyone forgot (that’s ok – I’m pushing 30, so birthdays aren’t supposed to be a big deal anymore, right?) but I did have the opportunity to celebrate with a giant cookie cake at my best friends’ apartment. That was pretty much the perfect evening.

My parents most certainly did not forget my birthday. In fact, they purchased this vintage Sesame Street Little People set on a recent thrifting trip as a special birthday gift for me. Yes, a toy. For an adult. 🙂

You see, I had this set when I was a child. I can remember playing with it in our garage, as my parents were hosting a yard sale. That’s the last time I ever saw this little gem, as it was sold by accident to some very lucky family. I have teased my mom relentlessly about this over the years, and when she came across the Sesame Street Little People set, she grabbed it up like it was a piece of treasure. It was a sincere gesture of a mother wanting to set things right and make her little girl happy.

No matter how old I get, I will always be my mommy’s baby girl. I see that now with my own daughter. And no matter how much I’ve grown, I will always need my mom and dad to help me navigate through life’s crazy twists and turns. After all, a parent’s job is never done.

Would you be interested in joining me in a weekly Insta-Palette linky? I will add a linky if there is enough interest. :) 



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5 Responses to Sesame Street, Anyone? Insta-Palette Week 2 #ww

  1. kattylady says:

    This is so adorable!!! What an awesome gift!!

  2. kattylady says:

    Happy belated birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday without facebook I would forget also I won’t lie. I am not on instagram that much or I would link up. Instagram needs to have a way for me to post pictures from online instead of just from my phone….they probably do have a way but I just don’t know about it.

  4. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    Oh, happy, happy birthday! I’m terrible at telling people on FB (I never look).

    What a fun and memorable gift from your parents.

    Pushing 30? You’re a baby:)

  5. Happy Birthday! I played with one of these as a child. I LOVED it.

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