Dine Out Of This World At Planet Hollywood

My family and I visited Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney in February, and I have not stopped thinking about it ever since. Planet Hollywood offers an out of this world dining experience: Everything from the decor, the food selection, and the building itself provided an eccentric and one-of-a-kind dining experience for guests.


The building is a beautiful, Earth-like dome complete with stars and a long red carpet. We felt like celebrities as we ascended the red carpeted stairs – and at the summit, a photographer was standing by to take our picture in front of a themed screen. In fact, if I had to pick a place in the Walt Disney World Resort area that celebrities would flock to for dinner, I believe that the Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney would top the list.

Just outside of the entrance, guests can view famous movie props situated in a little grassy area. The zebra-printed Jeep from Ace Ventura and the ballerina topiary from Edward Scissorhands are just a few of the movie props on display at this location.

But inside is where the magic happens. The decor is amazing! Zebra-printed booths? Check! Floor to ceiling decorations? Check! Movie props from just about every single movie genre? Check! Cars and motorcycles dangling overhead? Yes, please!

But I know you aren’t just considering Planet Hollywood for the decor or the proximity to Walt Disney World’s famous theme parks. You’re there for the food, right? 

Let me assure you – the food is incredible. The menu offers options for the whole family, from the pickiest of eaters to the more adventurous foodie. I chose the LA Lasagna, a crispy twist on a classic lasagna dish, while my husband opted for a juicy steak with loaded baked potato and steamed veggies. Danger tried the child’s spaghetti platter (and I stole her meatballs, which were so tasty!)

The portion sizes on all of our dishes were very generous, and we were able to box up our leftovers for lunch the next day. The lasagna and spaghetti reheated very well. Of course, we would have gladly reheated the steak, but between Andre and I, there was none left to take home! It was so good.

Another feature of Planet Hollywood that we really enjoyed was the DJ. The guy really knew how to please a crowd! We heard selections from old-school bands like Oasis to Taylor Swift and even Queen. Guests also had the option to make song requests, which I thought was a nice touch.


If you’d like a souvenir from Planet Hollywood, a wide variety of options are available. You can choose to purchase the picture that was taken when you checked in, or you can buy one of their famous t-shirts, as seen on everyone’s favorite Girl Next Door Holly Madison, fun light-up cups, and other Planet Hollywood branded products to commemorate your experience. 

Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney is an out of this world dining experience that you will not want to miss out on! We loved everything about our visit, and plan to return the next time that we are in the area (which will be very soon!)

What movie prop would you like to see featured at a Planet Hollywood?

My meal was covered by Planet Hollywood in exchange for an honest dining review of the Downtown Disney location. All opinions come from my own personal experiences at this restaurant.


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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    I remember going there when I last went to Disney (in high school)…we all had a great time.

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